Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I'm hoping everyones Christmas and new Years went well..

Went for a lovely supper at Daughter #1's..It's always  a wonderful christmas when my family is together ..
Next Year well this year..lol 2016..it's my turn..i so look forward to it..
Pull out all stops on decorating..the village set is displayed...My Grammas dishes come out..so fun.. The kids love Christmas in the country..nothing like it..away from the hustle bustle of the city..

I really lost my Mo-Jo for card making..sold and donated most of my stuff..

I still have about 3 clients that order  but they are mostly for Christmas cards or special Birthdays..
 I want to get back to my quilt making..and if my eyes hold out finish up some cross-stching..

A few Christmas wreathes maybe..a long forgotten craft of mine

well till later...


Finally got to post a couple of the pics. from our 50TH. It was exciting to have most of my wedding party there..tfl..as always

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hello friends...well finally cleared the gardens..Have been going crazy trying to use up zucchini and carrots..sooo lots of loaves/cakes/muffins to freeze.
Also found some yummy recipes for zucchini sides..

Fall is my most fave time of the year..but really!!! 80+ F.today..too hot for the things i want to do..I'm over hot now..lol..Want crispy and have a fire pit weeny roast with hubby.

Wow what a surprise on Sept. 25th. It was mine and Gary's 50th. anniversary. So we planned to go out for supper with sis and bro-inlaw..When we got to the restaurant..i walked behind the screen to our table..and nearly fell over..friends and family..and tears from me..I was sooo surprised..my 2 Bridesmaids and my Very best friend of 54 yrs. and maid of honor..and 1 of our ushers..

My aunt from out of town..my daughters and grands.. and my youngest daught's. mom and dad in law..whom we love..

My youngest daught. and sis planned this and we were so honored..
My oldest daught. gave a lovely teary speech..and drawings from the grands..

I look forward to the 60th. with  the man i Love..
Our Love grew stronger..and our faith and respect in and for other grew deeper..
It's not always a smooth road..but if you really love each other..every bump can't be overcome..
Still waiting for pics from my Daught. so hope to have some posted soon..

as always


Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's time to start cleaning the garden out..Made 2 batches of Borscht..Not enough cukes for dills :(..but think i need to change thier spot..they are getting sun all day..and not good..Tomatoes are in abundance..and will be making some Basil/tomato soup to freeze..and spaghetti sauce..yummers..
Been making a lot of cabbage soups..we love soups with just a salad and bread of course..lol..

The nites are cooler ..and is nice for sleeping..
I'm hoping to find some MoJo and make a few cards..anyone have some to share?? umm MoJo that is..Time to enter some challenges and hope to add some winners back to my sidebar..
The competition is rough out there..Wow  i get overwhelmed at the beautiful art you ladies put out..i can sit and star and stare..beautiful colorinf..and details wow..and "cas'..just wow..I joined another of Sweet Alyces classes..now if i can just get my butt moving and create...create...create..lol..

Doctor stuff finally slowing down..ultra-sounds..mri's..endescopy..i've removed my clothes more times in the last 2 months..than i have for my hubby..lolol..

So hopefully will add a card or 2 soon..but in the meantime ..i can admire all the beautiful art and inspiration i get from you all...as always


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Well looks like all my art and wins  in sidebar have been deleted by the Google Gremlins..I will be starting over..There are some things that were here that can never be replaced..and that saddens me..So A new chapter and a new start..Thanks for all your support..as always:


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back again..lol..
here is the link for the Snow man Hershey Nuggets

Snowman Nuggets

This is a Tim's Gift Card holder for my Hair stylist..

Tim's Gift Card Holderthat's it for now

Wishing you a Happy Healthy and Safe 2014 to you and yours from me and mine

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014..everyone..
we had a lovely Christmas here.

Great gifts, supper and just having the family together again is the greatest gift of all.
It's freezing here..and lots of snow!!..

These are the little gifts i made for our c'mas exchange supper..6 of us gals that meet every year.


Home-made hand cream, snowman nuggets,tic tac box covers, and mini post-it holders.fun to make..

The handcream is really nice.
i will look for the recipe..but i had just googled it.

tic tac holder

the bag in a box is from

bag in a box

Time to go to town shopping and lunch date with hubby..bbl