Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's time to start cleaning the garden out..Made 2 batches of Borscht..Not enough cukes for dills :(..but think i need to change thier spot..they are getting sun all day..and not good..Tomatoes are in abundance..and will be making some Basil/tomato soup to freeze..and spaghetti sauce..yummers..
Been making a lot of cabbage soups..we love soups with just a salad and bread of

The nites are cooler ..and is nice for sleeping..
I'm hoping to find some MoJo and make a few cards..anyone have some to share?? umm MoJo that is..Time to enter some challenges and hope to add some winners back to my sidebar..
The competition is rough out there..Wow  i get overwhelmed at the beautiful art you ladies put out..i can sit and star and stare..beautiful colorinf..and details wow..and "cas'..just wow..I joined another of Sweet Alyces if i can just get my butt moving and

Doctor stuff finally slowing down..ultra-sounds..mri's..endescopy..i've removed my clothes more times in the last 2 months..than i have for my hubby..lolol..

So hopefully will add a card or 2 soon..but in the meantime ..i can admire all the beautiful art and inspiration i get from you always


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Well looks like all my art and wins  in sidebar have been deleted by the Google Gremlins..I will be starting over..There are some things that were here that can never be replaced..and that saddens me..So A new chapter and a new start..Thanks for all your always:


Friday, March 20, 2015


Wow march almost over..and it been a long drought with posting..
Well went on a beautiful cruise with my sis..8 days on the most beautiful ship Royal Caribbean of the sea
 Went zip lining..tried rock climbing..did the underwater the ocean Sea Trek..
Pics will follow..

Well is it the calm before the storm??
March is almost over..the snow is pretty well gone..and march came in like a lamb..yikes..

I can't wait to get out into my yard..the best part of summer for me..
The gardens flower/vegetable..hanging clothes on the line..and just plain being outside..
Well off to make muffins..and hope to get back on track with my Blog..have a wonderful weekend..stay safe..


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Hi all..i'm hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas..
We had a lovely Christmas Dinner at daught. #2 and sioninlaws..Beautiful and delicious food..
Awesome gifts..and always time spent with family is the hilight.

I hope for you A Safe and happy holiday..
A prosperous and healthy New year 2015.
May all good things come your way the whole year through....From My family to yours'..

Loves ya