Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's time to start cleaning the garden out..Made 2 batches of Borscht..Not enough cukes for dills :(..but think i need to change thier spot..they are getting sun all day..and not good..Tomatoes are in abundance..and will be making some Basil/tomato soup to freeze..and spaghetti sauce..yummers..
Been making a lot of cabbage soups..we love soups with just a salad and bread of

The nites are cooler ..and is nice for sleeping..
I'm hoping to find some MoJo and make a few cards..anyone have some to share?? umm MoJo that is..Time to enter some challenges and hope to add some winners back to my sidebar..
The competition is rough out there..Wow  i get overwhelmed at the beautiful art you ladies put out..i can sit and star and stare..beautiful colorinf..and details wow..and "cas'..just wow..I joined another of Sweet Alyces if i can just get my butt moving and

Doctor stuff finally slowing down..ultra-sounds..mri's..endescopy..i've removed my clothes more times in the last 2 months..than i have for my hubby..lolol..

So hopefully will add a card or 2 soon..but in the meantime ..i can admire all the beautiful art and inspiration i get from you always


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Barbara Godden said...

Nice to see you blogging again, looking forward to your creations they are always awesome. Sure got a giggle about your removing of clothes and I hope all is well, or will be. It looks like I need to do some catching up. Hugs.