Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello friends!!!
well how is the christmas planning going?? it's really creeping up fast..I'm doing pretty good on cards..and have 23 of about 100
Are your Card lists getting smaller?..Mine are ..every year less and less..friends and family have either passed away..or just don't send..

I try to keep up..because Christmas is my most fave time of year..I love love making Christmas cards..

We have been so busy hauling, cutting,splitting and  stockpiling wood for the winter..we have 3 cords done..and hope to get at least 2 more to stay ahead.

My bones are it's a good pain..i love being outside..and looking at our our age..i'm proud of hubby and myself..

Hopefully with some good light tomorrow i can start taking some pics. and would do me proud to ..hopefully give you all some inspiration..till then..


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