Friday, August 30, 2013

Wow has it been that long!!!!
Winter gone, summer almost.
Such a busy year..
A dear friend going through chemo..she is always in my thoughts.
Another dear friend and her hubby that have picked a special boy to be their son. and a new move.

I went on  a cruise in  Feb. my third and i thought maybeee my last..hah..i'm saving for another holiday with my sis and friends in 2

I haven't been stamping i was diagnosed with right hand turns very blue and finger (index) aches bad sometimes.

Even on these hot days the morning or evenings can be cool enough for me to wear a glove..and socks..etc.

So stamping is not as fun for me..and will be doing more scrapping..
I will be selling  a lot of stuff as soon as i can get it all
I have been extending  some more spots for rock gardens and a place for me to meditate..I love starting my mornings outside with some meditation clearing my mind and keeping good thoughts.

It helps me start my days..and will miss the outside when it gets too cold..
Well will close for now..Miss you all..and as always


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