Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tree and balm's trying to give us more snow out there..getting kind of blizzardy!!!

Every year sis, I and 4 other gals meet for a Christmas/supper/gift exchange..and also we each have little gifts we give to each other.
Actually it's my sis's best friends..but i have known them all since they were about that we are all in our 60's me being the eldest (68 today) started inviting me to their meet-ups a few years ago..we always have a blast..and 4 of us will be cruising again in feb.

Anyhoo on to the subject at hand here..(i do get off the beaten path sometimes)
I got this tut. for the tree and lip balm holder here>>>

someday i will learn how to do the other (post a link) ..

these were so fun and easy to make..i hope you will go to this site and see all the  tut's she has >>free i might add..don't see that often..hope you like ..and hope you try...tfl..

Loves ya

 PS:the label isn't that crooked

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Donna said...

Those are fantastic Gail!
Great work!! Loves ya!!
DonnaLee :)