Saturday, November 24, 2012

And it came!!!!

Wow this was the blast we got in october.
Power was out for 5 days..and we were back to "Little house on the prairie"
Lanterns lit..used the wood stove and barbcue for cooking..used a slop pail in the house for know what at night..and the out-house during the day..
We lost too many trees to count..2 were over our power line to our o man...
The following pics can't really show the mess..but the house is shed has a little damage on 1 corner..not too bad..
there were many many people thathat suffered worse than us ..including deaths..and my heart went out to all them..tfl..



Patti J said...

Oh my goodness, Gail - what a storm. Brrr....not ready for that yet! Especially with no power! Yikes. I'll be thinking of you - hope to see you back creating soon :)

Donna said...

Holy Moly Gail!!
That's a lot of snow!
Glad you all stayed safe and warm!
Looks like the pups at least enjoyed the snow!
We haven't had any snow yet here!
Have missed your blogging!!!
Loves ya ~ DonnaLee xoxox