Sunday, July 29, 2012

And the heat goes on!!!

O man..i hope you all aren't suffering too much with this heat wave..
Our grass is so dry you can't walk bare feet..
We have to ration the water from the to washing clothes, showers etc.
But it isn't as bad as some places that are suffering with fires, and electrical outages..o my..

I have lost my MoJo!!! Does that happen to you??..bad this year for me.
If you find it..please send to me..or if you can..spare some of yours??

Had to share a couple of pics..only when you live in the country and have been married 47 yrs. lol..

I had mentioned i need a dolly to move rocks i can't lift them like i used to..
when for mother's day..gary  put together my very own
The wheels are off an old wheelbarrow..and he welded a plate to the bars he already had..
Hubby is a retired welder  so this is what he made for me!! handy..can't wear doesn't glitter, and doesn't have a nice smell..but it's all mine...
And i love him for it... have any of your hubby's surprised you with a (other than flowers/ made you laugh/cry..please share..i would love  to hear..stay cool..and as ..always...


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Darlene Gabriel said...

It's been a while since I've checked in here to see what you're up to. I love this special dolly Gary made for you --- what a sweet gesture. We've had a busy summer and I haven't had much time for card making. I hope you find your mojo soon because I miss seeing your creations.