Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hot hot!!!

Awesome weather!!..i love working in my gardens on hot days .. Sooo the vegie garden is done..and have a few more flowers to do..bought some more perennials.

What do you all like to plant most?..annuals, perennials? or a mixture.?
Mostly perennials here..
That way they come up every year for sure, and then if for some reason i can't buy any annuals..i'll still have a pretty garden..

Now a question for you all..

Often a thing i do or a sound i hear reminds me of a treasured memory from the past..
I always love to see a Baba sweeping her step, or when i'm sweeping my own..reminds me of my gramma sweeping her walk in front of her house.the walk lined with her geraniums.

I am always reminded how the little task seems to say welcome, and comfort in the home.
Or when i'm hanging clothes out.

A sound i love to hear in the summer, when i'm outside, and gary is in the house or even when i am visiting my sis..the sound of dishes being taken out of the cupboard or being washed.

Wow silly i know!!.lol..

My gramma did dishes in a basin on her cookstove right into the 70's till my beloved grampa passed away..and she moved to the city to live with my Aunt..
These sites and sounds are such special memories of happy times..

It's not a mansion or a shack that makes a's the comfort and warmth of the people inside...
Do you have any special sites or sounds that bring special memories to you??
Please share..i'd love to hear about them..

Now i think i will take my coffee and sit on the step outside and just "remember"

As always


Lori m said...

OH the memories you just brought back. Smelling grandma's fresh baked pies, watching her make pickles, but the memory I most remember is clearing ponds to go ice skating (when I still loved winter)' or her brushing the burs out of my hair after we took walks along the canal.

Enjoy, we've had a cooler week this week.

Hugs, Lori m

Cuddly bunny said...

What a wonderful post! Inspiring and fun!

We're finished planting ... hopefully we'll be harvesting potatoes, onion, brussels sprouts and watermelon in the fall (and herbs, of course).

As for personal memory triggers, I've got a million, but one of my favorites is tic tacs: When I was young my mom decided to lose weight and as some part of her system she began eating tic tacs ... ALL OF THE TIME.

She carried them in her purse, kept them in her bedside table and offered them to me to Dad, to anyone within offering distance ... whenever I hear someone shaking a tic tac container I think of my mom!

Cuddly Bunny