Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Hmmm isn't that a song??..lol
Been working outside..cleaning up the Doggie cemetary on the hill..7 of my fur-babies there..plus my best friend doggie..and our beta fish ..Slugger..lol..gary had made coffins for them all..even slugger..

Then trying to do an addition to my flower/rock gardens..so that means, moving slabs of quarry stone..and big rock from the pit here..
I'm one of the crazies who loves working outside in the heat..lol..

Also finally got some cute pics of our tenant.."Woody"..he is a groundhog/woodchuck..
He has lived here under my  work shed for about 3 yrs.
he loves the clover..lol....
We think he has a couple of wives somewhere else and uses this as his hideaway...lol..

Anyhoo..just a lunch break and i'm out again..
I hope the weather is whatever you are hoping for..where-ever you are....as always




Anonymous said...

I think his wives can be found under our shed lol. Beautiful photos, ouch on the tic bite, I'm always worried about those buggers. Stay cool!

Hugs, Lori m

CuddlyBunny said...

I'm so JEALOUS of your gorgeous property! Look at all of that green! No wonder Woody takes his boys' weekend at your house!

Donna said...

Great pictures Gail!
Your garden looks fabulous!!!