Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Dreaded TICK!!!!

Gm all!!!..well today is starting off warm and very muggy..we have been having rain, and rain, and woodticks and woodticks.
Man the ticks have been bad this year..
And i sure had a run in with one..
This was last on the back of my leg..hubby tried (and i mean tried) to pull it off..just wouldn't let go..finally taking a chunk of me with it..

leg was sooo sore..after a week this is what my leg looked like. (pics below)
So finally went into emergency..I was put on anibiotics and which included  treating for Lymme a precaution..
I do have allergic reactions to ticks..but this was the worst..
My leg is still bruised looking in that spot..
Sooo my advice..if you do have one of these little boogers stuck in you like that..please please keep an eye on the spot..check the kind it is..and get treatment asap for any change in skin color, swelling etc. ...



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Please take care of yourself! Hugs...