Wednesday, May 23, 2012

hello hello..rain rain, my plants and seeds waiting to be put in..all i need it one day...please..

How about you my you have gardens?..a bit of everything or just flowers..would love to hear about it..and even would love more some pics..i'll get to that (pics) of mine probly next month.

Feb. saw me going on another cruise!!!..kinda last minute..well last couple months to get busy and get all arrangements.

Again, my sis, and my best friend (of 51 yrs.) and 3 other friends.
it was as amazing as the first..well maybe

Snorkling, catamaraning, rail and sail, and lots of sight-seeing.... went down 146 ft. in a submarine!! awesome was that..oh my....i'll post a few pics tom.

things i never ever dreamed i'd be doing in my 60'

But that's why i'm doing they say..spending my kids

 Sharing 1 pic with you tonight..

Hey it's not Johhny Depp (such a sweetie)..and wasn't anyone fron the Pirates of the carribbean..but as close as i will ever get..lolol..




CuddlyBunny said...

Wow, you are living THE LIFE!

Thank you for sharing it, and I'll be sure to give you a head's up when I finally post something about our latest gardening adventure!

Have a great time with the remaining days of Springtime!

Darlene Gabriel said...

Hi Gail - it's good to see you back. I'm so happy for you that you could go on another cruise - good for you to be enjoying yourself no matter what age. Gotta live life to the fullest right?
I'll be looking forward to seeing pics of your cruise, your garden and your card creations. Take care.

Barbara Godden said...

You are getting rain and we need it, so hot here I could melt, hmmm maybe a new diet? My garden has just been dug, so next weekend I will plant a few tomato plants for eating. I buy them for chili sauce as it is easier in the long run. Looking forward to seeing your garden when it gets growing.