Monday, May 28, 2012

Harleys Surgery

Well it's still raining, and very cool, the only garden i might be still sitting in containers by the
Hoping for a couple of better days later this week..

So the next thing that kept me hopping little fur-baby Harley.
He developed a huge lump under hi arm pit and to the side.

And so the fun started..the vet, the tests, .the biopsies, the bloodwork..
Harley was a brave little troooper through all this..

The x-rays showed he had a cartilage tumor growing on his 3rd. rib.
The biop. verified this..
10 later ..Harley went in for major surgery.
He had 3 ribs removed..and a mesh and plastic to cover the hole(soft spot).

The muscle and tissue grows over this.
Harley had just turned 7 and is healthy in every other aspect..we couldn't NOT have this done..

It's now 2 months and was not easy..proofing the house so he had to be carried up and down stairs..always careful picking him up..and then of course watching Liberty so she would leave him alone..
Harley is pretty well mended now and back to his old self..and we would have done this again in a heart-beat..he now has a lot more years of living to do..

Loves ya


Barbara Godden said...

So glad Harley is on the mend, so nice to see you blogging again too. Now how about some inspiration.

Patti J said...

So good to see you back here, Gail! And your sweet little Harley - what a trooper! Yes, we've all been there - must fix our furry friends! Glad to know that he's doing so well. Poor baby - 3 ribs had to be pretty painful! Can't wait to see some of your pretty creations! Hugs...

Donna said...

Glad to hear Harley is doing well after surgery!
Blog looks good! Looks like you got your "lines" issue taken care of :)
Loves ya!

Darlene Gabriel said...

So glad to hear Harley is doing well after his surgery. I'm sure it was stressful time for you - hope you are doing ok too.