Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cricut Fun!!!

Me and my Cricut are on much better think he deserves a nickname..working on that..]
We're friends now at least and here is some stuff i been playing with..till i can tackle the awesome projects like the tree i want to do the stocking measures 4-1/4'..and the other stuff just different sizes..i sooo love my stocking tho..i even made 1/2 '' ones..soooo from ctmh so patiently helped me along....but for now this is all i have to show ya..tfl..

Loves Ya



Barbara Godden said...

WTG Gail, you done good. I love the stocking and the other ones are cute too.

CuddlyBunny said...

Hi Gail! You know I don't get to comment all of the time, but I've keep looking and oouuing and aahhing!

Your work is always amazing!

So, for today ... I'm wondering ... did you *just* get a Cricut? I've had one for a few years (since it came out actually ... I can always be talked into buying new gadget stuff).

I might not be much help, but if you ever have a question, let me know!

Until them I'll be looking to what *you* create with the Cricut (and every other tool, of course).

Hugs and happy upcoming week!

Hi...I'm Cindy said...

great job, love it....the cricut is so much fun when it co operates with us, lol

cabio's craft corner said...

Hi Gail, I finally got a chance to come by and had a great time going through all your posts that I've missed. Looks like you did a bunch of fun projects. Some are fun and some are so cool. Also, looks like you had lots of fun with your Cricut too. That's great and keep those awesome projects coming :o)

BellaMio said...

You are so sweet, THANK YOU for all the loverly comments you write in my blog!!! I am truelly happy for them!!

Hope you have a great weekend!