Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Fall

Wow it's so pretty here around the yard..the trees with their everchanging leaves..i thought i'd share some pictures of the beauty of Mother Nature as she prepares for winter..

That's Liberty..The shed in back is my work and storage shed where i make my mosaic stepping stones..also Booger lives under there..a Woodchuck we have had there for 3 or 4 yrs.
We also have a Marten and a Fox..and at this time of year numerous Wood/Spruce Hens, and Grouse, and of course the Deer,( they are very curious of my rock gardens..lol)

Another veiw..and yes..we still use the Outhouse when needed..lol

                                                     Liberty smelling the deer beds...

                                                Fire pit is on the other side of the stumps..the seating area..lol..Back of the house, garden shed, garden way in back. ( with the slab fence) .and just my fun rock and decorative garden in front here..All the flowers gone and ready for christmas decorating.

                                                      More trails through the bush..

              Our Pet Cemetary..7 fur babies buried here on the ridge..and 1  Black Beta called slugger..lol
Gary built wood coffins for all the babies (even slugger)..and they were buried with their blankie and favorite toy..
Must get this dried stuff cleared out before snow flies..grows like crazy there..

It's hard to see, but i painted headstones for each grave..as to what they are remembered for..I'll get some close up's of a couple of them this week when i go to clean it up there..

Hope i didn't bore you..but you know what they say.
"if you don't like the movie..change the channel"

And if you did peek..thank-you for sharing yourself in part of my life..as always>>>>

Loves Ya



Barbara Godden said...

Wonderful pictures Gail, your property looks lovely but really is gearing for winter. In Ontario the leaves are changing Thanksgiving will be a nice one this year as the indian summer will arrive.

Tracy said...

Loved the tour of your property.
We live in the city, but have a cottage where we can enjoy the great outdoors :)
As for the pet cemetary....we have one in our back yard ..minus the headstones :)

downrightcrafty said...

gorgeous creation and love the colour choice, thank you for sharing your lovely work with us at the Winter Wonderland this week.
hugs Kate xx
PS I have some new candy if you are interested :)

Hi...I'm Cindy said...

ohhhh wow, I love your property, its awesome, hubby's mom has a nice size property but not quite as big as this, wow....when we move we are supposed to be looking for a place in the country with a granny quite for his mom, wish us luck, I don't mind living with her just don't really want to live "with" her LOL