Monday, October 10, 2011

After the big winds

This some of the trees in the yard that were up-rooted or snapped in  half..they're were some across the drive..and about 10 broken onto the power-lines..with power out for almost 2 days..

These are they are anywhere from 40-70 feet high..
Luckily these were all leaning away from the house..tfl.

Loves Ya



Patti J said...

Oh dear...I hate it when that happens here. Hope you are okay!

Hi...I'm Cindy said...

OMG so grateful they were leaning away from the house Gail, thats a mess to clean up, storms are mean and nasty things, they aren't prejudiced.
Love ya back

Darlene Gabriel said...

Sorry you were without power for so long, but so grateful you and DH are safe and these did not fall on the house. It's sad to see these trees down isn't it?