Monday, July 18, 2011

Orange/oatmeal/glass green outlawz

I love love these colors together..who'd a thunk!!..

I don't have the torn notebook punch..soooo i just punched holes, snipped in between.and nipped a bit on each side..then just smushed a bit on the palm of my hand to make it look more like it was pulled out of a notepad.
the other is a stamp, as is the sentiment..
this was done on parchment paper can buy pads at is lighter than cs..heavier than copy many texture looks..very vintage..


Loves Ya


Barbara Godden said...

Nice job on the colour challenge, I'm sure that one would still have me thinking. WTG with out of the box thinking on the punch. Love everything about it.

Darlene Gabriel said...

Gail, how smart of you to create that look without the punch. This card is so pretty - love the colours too.