Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Morning

The sun is shining..and it's been hot hot hot..!!!
I have been busy with a card order.. wedding cards for a store..
And a birthday card for my baby..who turned 42!!..


This card was done by: using a brass template..i first dabbed colors on the flower with a stipple brush (works best).doesn't matter if the colors mix a bit as flowers have different shades in them.

I then used translucent embossing paste over..removed the plate added some glitter and let dry.

This is a great technique for getting color onto your images, then using the translucent the colors show through.
I have a couple other samples i will post later today..i really love working with the brass plates this way..

i Hope i have inspired you..tfl

Loves Ya


Barbara Godden said...

Awesome group of cards, I love the couple wedding cards, fabulous technique with the stencil. You are so talented.

Donna said...

Beautiful cards as always Gail
Glad to see you posting on your blog again - I have been missing your beautiful creations!
Loves ya ~ DonnaLee {{hug}}

Darlene Gabriel said...

Gail these wedding cards are gorgeous. Your colouring is so perfect. I love the ones with the couples on them. I'm glad to see some new creations from you too.