Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Sunday Morning!!

What a terrible dreary day here today..I was up early..well 8:00am and thats early for
My cold is finally fading and am getting some sleep at night..Coughing all night was unbearable!!..

Make Gary chocolate/peanutbutter cookies this morn. after breakfast..
He been wanting them.

Will make my cranberry/oatmeal/chocochip ones for fave.
If anyone wants this recipe..let me know..will be happy to share..they are delish..
Hope to post some cards later today..Hope your day whereever you are is sunshiny and filled with love...loves ya


Lynn's Place said...

I am letting you know...(recipe's please) OMG they both sound ever so yummy..hope you enjoyed it all..tfs

Darlene Gabriel said...

Wow Gail those cookies sound delicious. I'd love to have the recipe too if you don't mind.
I hope you are feeling better each day and back to 100% very soon.