Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friends at last!!!

Liberty is 4-1/2 months..she has come along so well.She goes to the door. Is learning not to jump on us..
She sits and waits till i put her food down.
Most important..her and Harley are getting to be best friends..
Harley has lost about 7lbs. lol..and needed it too..He was so lost when Kassidy passed..and just slept..didn't play..
Now he has a new playmate..
So all is happy here again..but i still miss Kass so much..
We had kept Kass frozen with his blanket in his coffin Gary made..
We were finally able to bury him here in our pet cemetary on the ridge with the other fur babies last weekend.
Using the front end loader Gary was able to get thru the ground..thankfully..
Thanks for letting me brag, and also to feel sad..

tfl..Loves ya


Lynn's Place said...

I'm glad to hear Harley has a new friend and is getting on well..always sad to hear of loosing a loved one even out pets...Kass will forever be on your heart I'm blessed always...

Barbara Godden said...

What an adorable picture. The two of them look like they are great pals already. TFS.