Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You like??

With the help from my friend donnalee i was able to change my blog around..my sidebar stuff was cut off..
I also added a chat..so check in..if i'm here i'd love to choot the chit with ya..lol..
I discovered some neat techniques and would like to share with you..so hope you'll check in now and again and see what i have..It amazes me still the talent out there and those that are willing to share (for free).
So i am trying to keep track of any techniques, tut's. and tips..so i can always give credit to those that shared..
It's cool, windy and dreary drab here today...and i am hoping for a nice Indian Summer..as fall is my most favorite time of year..The colors, and the nip in the air just enough too have to put a sweater on.
Oh and the Farmer's markets!!..love those..Then the first time we put the wood stove on..ahhh love that crackling warmth..But hopefully we can enjoy some more hot days yet..ya think???..lol..till later..loves ya

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